Hypermedia, workshop on configuration and communication of the architectural project, is an interdepartmental research group of The Polytechnic University of Madrid, located at ETSAM.

cartographic analysis of complex reality

Back to the map. New architectural strategies on the ground. (2017)

From towards grey green. (2017)

Watching Puerta del Sol: on protest space and its temporalities. (2017)

Two Modes of Tokyo Temporalities : Shibuya and Taito under-construction everyday life. (2017)

Rem Koolhaas: context in concept and vice versa. Conceptualizing contexts or contextualizing concepts. (2017)

Hybrid city. Learning to make cities through the daily use of the internet (2017)

Radical spatiality : dissident architectural practices in contemporary occupations (2017)

Sublime Oasis in Transit. (2016)

Plant processes in the female body. Symbologies of material behavior through art. (2016)

Hyper Tokyo: Hypermedial Situationist Approach to Urban Daily Life in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. (2016)

The other showers. Hygiene control since the nineteenth century through the shower and bathroom-shower. (2016)

The tour: evaluation of the sensory and formal qualities of the urban environment as part of the criteria of walkability. Taipei City as a case study. (2015)

The Conflict of Urban Synchronicity and its Heterotemporalities: Asynchronous Citizenship. (2015)

Processes in the construction of public space: bottom up versus topdown processes. Informal spaces and alternative uses. (2015)

Objects and systems. (2015)

Unnamed places. Dignity, habitability and sustainability, sociability and edonism. (2015)

The tactic. Context from a form perspective. (2015)

Urbe ludens: the pleasure of "doing together" city. (2015)

Sensitive Urbanism and Contexts. (2015)

Sustainable development strategies of the architecture of the Oasis of M'hamid, Sahara Desert. (2015)

Tobacco industrial architecture in mainland Spain: dryers and factories. (2015)

The dissolution of the architectural : tours of the dOCUMENTA (13). (2015)

The Augmented Environment: Informational Imperative for a Digital Ecology of the Architectural. (2014)

National Archaeological Research Awards. (2014)

Inhabit the unreal. Approaches to an architectural of the virtual worlds. (2014)

Production, transformation, storage and consumption in contemporary domestic cuisine. (2014)

Architectural Invariants. Notes on an anthropology of habitat. (2014)

The hybrid city. The mediation of ICT in the experience of the city. (2014)

Urbe Ludens: spaces for play in the city. (2014)

Different spaces in an out-of-sync world. The speed of the architects in college. (2014)

A crime of crowds. (2014)


Reinvent or die. (2013)

Atlas of Spanish collective housing twentieth century. (2013)

The nine eyes. (2013)

The sensitive city. Emerging paradigms of informal spaces and alternative uses of urban space. (2013)

Space and gender. (2013)

Grand Tour, year 15 of the Google era. (2013)

Silence. (2013)

Spaces free of coexistence and communication galleries that dynamite. (2012)

The hostile city. (2012)

Atlas as a pedagogical method of innovation and creativity. Experimental workshop. Urban coexistence atlas. (2012)

Interactive atlas of citizen habitability. (2012)

Hybrid and Creative Taipei. (2012)

Citizens Interactive Behaviour in the Performance of the Urban Space of Cohabitacion. Interactive Atlas of Urban Habitability. (2012)

Place/No-Place/Place in Contemporary Architecture. (2012)

The digital code: of the statute of contemporary architecture (2012)

Fire insurance companies in the application of fire prevention regulations. (2011)

Recovery of industrial landscapes as cultural landscapes. (2011)

Consequences of "New Babylon". (2011)

Transience of standards and risk of fire (1st part). (2011)

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