Hypermedia, workshop on configuration and communication of the architectural project, is an interdepartmental research group of The Polytechnic University of Madrid, located at ETSAM.

the configuration of the architectural project

Two modes of Tokyo temporalities. Shibuya and Taito under-construction everyday-life. (2017)

The unbuilt architecture of Félix Candela: evolution of the architecture of Félix Candela from his unbuilt projects 1939-1997. (2017)

Gender, labels and the public square. (2017)

Inaugural conference of the academic year of the Faculty of Architecture and Design FADU. (2017)

Oasis Architecture Sustainable Development Strategies (2017)

Computational cities: parametric urban and architectonic design through the use of algorithms to manage big data. (2017)

Rem Koolhaas: context in concept and vice versa. Conceptualizing contexts or contextualizing concepts. (2017)

The domes of Felix Candela. Analysis and reconstitution of the sports facilities of Brown University, 1965-1972. (2017)

The triple spiral staircase in the convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval (Santiago, Spain): design and construction hypothesis. (2017)

Architectural design and protection in case of fire: Spanish normative development in the field of evacuation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. (2016)

Artificial skin : architectural metamorphosis of the body through the surface. (2016)

The tour: evaluation of the sensory and formal qualities of the urban environment as part of the criteria of walkability. Taipei City as a case study. (2015)

Open Spance improvement and Mixed-Use (2015)

Extreme Temperatures (2015)

Urban Living International Workshop. New urban lifestyles in Berlin (2015)

The Intermediate Space (2015)

The Coslada Hybrid (2015)

The Creative Thinking of Fernando Higueras (2015)

Formal configuration of the Romanesque rosets of the city of Zamora (2015)

Management takes over (2015)

Project instruments in the VIVA state-of-the-art protected housing competition (2014)

Mention rehabilitation and expansion of the August-Meier-Heim nursing home (2014)

The construction of interiority in the orientalist shelters of Pierre Loti, Sir Frederic Leighton and Claude Monet (2014)

Inhabit the unreal. Approaches to an architectural of the virtual worlds. (2014)

A crossroads for today's architecture: four generations speak of the paths opened by Le Corbusier. (2014)

The flexible interface for affordable housing. The intermediate space in four buildings of Amann Cánovas Maruri. (2014)

'That Light' in Ricardo Santoja. The art of construction in Spain. (2014)

Deck over a roman site in Cartagena. (2014)

Cover for the archaeological park in El Molinete. (2014)

Monteagudo Museum. (2013)

Atlas of Spanish collective housing twentieth century. (2013)

Hybrids and double public (2013)

On rails, days of intervention in industrial architectural heritage. (2013)

The emblematic and controversial contest of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, 1919. (2012)

Hybrid and Creative Taipei. (2012)

Piranesi Prize, Prix de Rome 2011. Finalist. Monteagudo Museum. (2011)

The new headquarters of Urbopama at the forefront of the architectural?. (2011)


History and project. A review of type and context concepts. (2011)

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